Why Ideological Terror Attacks Will Continue to Rise

By now, you have likely had your fill of commentary on the attack on French satirists that have sparked outrage and mourning across the globe.  Chalk it up as one more ideological act of violence.  One worldview lashing out in savage violence that both appalls and enrages any civilized person.  “How does this happen?  We live in the 21st century!  This simply cannot go on!  It must stop!  What has happened to the world we live in?!”  All of these and more are repeated in response to every occurrence of violence around the world–each one seemingly more savage than the last.  The worst news of it all is this:  Not only will this pattern of violence continue, but the continuation of these violent terror-tantrums are actually the only rational outcome of a situation that was created more than a century ago with the rise of relativism and subjective reasoning.

The consensus among child-psychologists today is that temper tantrums in children begin when a child experiences frustration over not getting what they want, and then not being able to communicate properly about the matter.  As I am sure you can imagine, if every 14 month old could communicate to his or her guardian that they simply did not require a nap today due to the fact that they slept in late that morning and planned on turning in early that night, there would be no need to violently protest the matter in what we commonly know as a temper tantrum.  A responsible parent, when confronted with a temper tantrum, should use the opportunity to help the child communicate without hurling objects and screaming at the top of its lungs.  The opportunity and ability to communicate effectively tends to cease these temper tantrums and results in what we know as “growing out of it.”  I tell you that it is the same effect being witnessed here in the world today.  Terror attacks are a result of the built up anger and frustration with the inability to discuss topics of important or deeply emotional impact to the group or individual committing these acts of violence.  And I squarely blame proponents of Postmodern philosophy for setting the stage and then fanning the flame for this increasing trend of violence by these ideological groups.

If you have not put the pieces together on this, let me explain.  Post-modernism, invented by the sudden abandonment of rational thought in the mid- to late-19th century, holds to the idea of a denial of Absolute Truth.  Ideological groups who have lost the ability first to communicate rationally about what Truth is, who have secondly lost the ability to discuss whether we can ever really know Truth, and who thirdly have had the philosophical language of discovering and conversing about Truth fundamentally changed forever, are left with very little else to do but to throw a colossal temper tantrum that works itself out in savagely violent upheavals that shake the World.

As long as the philosophical world continues to say to those who want to discover Truth and assert that they have found it, and no one can understand them in a rational language of absolutes, we will continue to see a rise in frequency of these events that wreak havoc on the civilized psyche.  Imagine a two year old trying to explain to his mother that he is dreadfully hungry, and he knows that in order to feed this hunger, the mother must give the toddler a snack.  He knows this and wants to communicate this, but the moment he begins to open his mouth, the mother clamps a hand on the toddlers mouth and wags a finger in the little one’s face and says to him, “Not here.  You cannot speak, and I don’t care how hungry you are, and as a matter of fact, hunger does not even exist.”  I tell you that this is the situation in today’s world of people who want so desperately to grasp onto something concrete.  They need something to discuss and to talk about pain and about morality, and about spiritual emptiness.  All of these things have roots in absolutes, and when those absolutes are gone from existence, all they have left to do is lash out in violent frustration, or slip away in obscurity, succumbing to the world who so loves apathy.

We simply cannot even begin to discuss Truth in any way meaningful as long as its absoluteness is gone.  As long as the idea is that Truth is determined by the individual and not from outside the individual, then Truth is no longer Truth, and it is merely conjecture and opinion.  For those seeking to assert Truth, and to discuss it, rational communication about Truth ceases to be an option, resulting in acting out in bad behavior ranging from shouting matches and internet trolling to bombing World Trade Centers and cold-blooded murder because no one listens because there is nothing of any sense to listen to.  With the assertion that Truth is subjective, absolute Truth becomes an absurdity that cannot be tolerated.  Violence, over years of frustrated meaningless talk, eventually ensues.

Violent outbreaks will continue, as long as the ability to talk about Truth within the confines of rational absolutes remains something unattainable.  Terror tantrums are all that is left to someone who feels whatever Truth it is that they have been so desperately trying to communicate, has been made a mockery of instead of given a fair trial in the free market of ideas.  What we are seeing and we will continue to see, is the emotional breakdown at the loss of voice for any sort of reason or rational thinking.  As long as we continue teaching in schools that Truth cannot be discussed because we have no way of discussing it, our schools will continue to be targets of violence from within.


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